A few years ago I discovered protein recovery smoothies. Old hat now I know, but I wanted to give you a little insight into my experience. The basic premise is this: have 20g of protein within 20 mins of exercise. So I developed a protein smoothie recipe that combines two of my loves: chocolate and plant based living (recipe at the bottom).
I was impressed by the results. As promised, my legs did not feel heavy later in the evening and definitely the day I could climb the stairs no problem 🙂 Always a bonus.
What I wasn’t prepared for was that I found my performance on the bike improved considerably. Not only that, I continued to improve and was able to cut back my training rides. More time with the kids, improved performance, no achy limbs, what’s not to love?

Here’s my recipe for success:
1 Banana
Rice milk (I have tried water too)
30g hemp protein powder – provides 15g protein
20g cacao powder – provides 5g protein
10g lucuma powder

Let me know how you get on!