Yeah, you read that right 🙂

Eating a bar of chocolate a day can significantly boost performance says a new study. But before you go skipping through the aisles with baskets full of dairy milk a note of caution: not all chocolate is created equal.

According to scientists at London’s Kingston University, consumption of a bar of DARK chocolate a day increased performance over a 2 minute sprint by 17%. That’s more than just marginal gains!

Second caution point: the study was only based on trials with 9 cyclists. They did check the effects against consumption of white chocolate and the results were 13% better, so it’s not just about the calories or the sugar.

There really seems to be something about high cacao content chocolate.

Personally, I go for raw chocolate (specifically Vanoffe Dark!) – unprocessed, and as close to the natural cacao as possible. Raw chocolate is naturally vegan, usually very dark and organic.