I saw this story last week “Clubbers ditch cocaine for cocoa: Snorting lines of CHOCOLATE is the latest way to get high in Europe’s clubs”

I’m still not sure what to make of it. Great that cacao powder is getting a higher (sorry for the pun) profile. And great that people are ditching cocaine. But snorting? Surely that’s going to make a hell of a mess of your hankie?

There are several good reasons and I suppose it was only a matter of time before this happened. Raw cacao gives rush of endorphins, relaxes muscles and boosts energy. But hey, just put it in a smoothie or make chocolate!

It turns out, of course, this was a Daily Mail headline, and it’s possible to weed (again pun not intended) the truth out. The actual handful of clubs that are serving cacao, are mainly doing so as chocolate drinks and hardly for snorting at all. On the positive side, these clubs are generally not serving alcohol and in its place are serving smoothies, vegan cuisines, supporting local artisans and culinary adventurers. Fab.

Clubbers are saying that raw cacao is far more potent than previously believed. Cacao provides a rush of endorphins into your bloodstream which can fuel feelings of euphoria, especially when coupled with dance music. Raw chocolate also contains high amounts of magnesium which relaxes your muscles.

A recent study by London’s Kingston University on cyclists also found that chocolate can make you go faster and further (see more here). It is also thought that epicatechin, a plant chemical particularly abundant in dark chocolate, gives the body a boost by widening the blood vessels.

All good stuff, but do we really need to snort it? The one benefit appears to be a quicker affect and impact of the above. Personally I’m in the delay gratification rather than instant gratification camp. How about you? Many drugs help lines report the risks of snorting drugs like cocaine and amphetamine include sinus infections, and risk of contracting Hepatitis C due to damage to the blood vessels inside the nose and sharing snorting paraphernalia like bank notes or straws. Hmmm not for me thanks.

I’ll stick to my smoothie for my hit.