Aside from #brexit, two things have been occupying me over the weekend. I’ve been vegetarian for nearly 30 years now, cycling for ten. On Friday night I cycled 121km in a four hour distance challenge. Not the furthest (close!) but in the top 10%.

I’ve known for a long time that my body does not require animal proteins to work and perform. So it was great to read of research in Australia that found that there was no discernable difference between athletes using plant based proteins and those eating meat. Great. Validation at last. It appears this is not new news. The research just combined a whole stack of previous research into one handy summary.

However what I do know is that plant based protein seems harder to get hold of. The photo graphic above shows that quite plainly. I generally use hemp protein powder as a recovery drink and it works well for me. So I was slightly dismayed to read the second bit of news…

Apparently to perform at the highest level, a cyclist needs 1.6 times their body-weight in protein in grams. For me it works like this:

75kg x 1.6 = 121.6g protein per day

What’s perplexing me is that I’ve tried it. And it’s hard. Not only is it hard, but I was full all the time, too full. I really didn’t feel like eating anymore. I didn’t enjoy it. And enjoying food is something that is almost as important as cycling. I’m used to having about half that per day. How to do it? I’ve still not cracked it, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Does anyone use other protein sources like Pea Protein, Soy Protein or Rice Protein? Or what about the new Perform Protein Powder from Vivolife? Thanks.