I love coffee. I love the process of making it. Getting the espresso machine out. Deciding which beans and level of roast to use. Trying to get the crema just perfect. And I love the chocolate to go with it.

I don’t love being held to ransom by my coffee. Up ’til about 6 months ago, around that 11 o’clockish time I would go through my ritual, and sit back at my desk smelling and supping my coffee. One day, I decided to not have a coffee and just have hot water.

Headaches. Straight away. I had been warned but didn’t really believe it. Painkillers, no effect. How to get rid of the headaches? Have coffee. This is not good. So I went for a month, not enjoying my coffee ritual at all.

Then I swapped my morning porridge for raw smoothies and green juices. A pint or two every morning, involving chia seeds, bananas, lucuma powder, spinach, kale, lime juice and hemp protein powder, plus special guest stars every now and again.

No need for coffee now. My body feels great too, and my kick comes from the nutrients and vitamins. Wahoo.

So here’s the simple boingg five point plan for kicking coffee:

  1. Reduce your coffee intake down. If you have 8 cups a day, gradually go down to four, and then to one
  2. Start to mix decaf in with caff. This overlaps the above
  3. Once you are down to one cup of half / half decaf and caf you are ready to take the plunge
  4. Start having green juices and plenty of water. This will help get the toxins out and rehydrate you
  5. Find a new ritual – hot water with lemon, a fabulous new herbal tea, matcha tea or keep on juicing.

Let us know how you get on!