July 7th is World Chocolate Day. Now we all know that every day is really chocolate day and there needs to be no excuse for eating chocolate. If you want to make a raw(ish), sugar free chocolate sauce then here’s the recipe for you. Drizzle it on your porridge, fruit or favourite person.

Raw Chocolate Sauce Recipe

Gluten, egg, dairy, and refined sugar-free

Makes approx 1/4 cup of sauce

4 tblsp coconut oil, melted
2 tblsp maple syrup
3 tblsp raw cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Transfer to a pouring bottle.
Place in fridge to allow to set and thicken a little.
If the sauce is too cold and thickens up too much, simply place closed bottle into a bowl of hot water until it melts.

This recipe uses raw cacao powder, which is untreated and sun-dried. It’s pretty easy to tell if you have cacao powder or ‘Dutched’ cocoa powder – the latter is much darker brown, cacao powder is almost orange.

Dutching is a process of washing the cacao in ammonia to make it more water soluble and remove some of the bitterness. I’m sure it removes quite a lot a else too. Hot Ammonia Chocolate anyone? No thanks!

As a result, cacao powder is slightly more bitter (those paying close attention will know that bitter items such as chicory and dandelion are well known for their detoxifying properties) and less water soluble. This means you’ll need to use a little more elbow grease to mix it with other liquids, especially if you are making a hot chocolate. A small price to pay I think.