As it is #worldchocolateday and I eat chocolate every day, today’s lunch is totally non-chocolatey 🙂

Lunch is a green juice, partly from the garden.


2 apples, 1/2 lime, ginger, handful mint, 2 handfuls spinach, 1/4 cucumber, handful nasturtium leaves, 1/2 romaine  > juice these

Blend with 1 whole avocado and some wheatgrass powder from @pukkaherbs

So what’s the big deal with green juices? NearlIMG_20160707_142340y everyone I know, once they start with green juices, they never look back. Everyone in my family has them now, including the children and chips and egg based grand parents. Chris Froome and the rest of Team Sky are big fans.

Raw Guru Tanya Maher says this in her recent publication The Uncook Book:

“Green juice made with a juice extractor contains up to twice the concentration of key nutrients of those ingredients blended in a leading commercial blender….without the fibre, nutrients will be easily absorbed into your bloodstream for an immediate energy kick”

As well as everyday use, I like to have a supercharged one (like above) when I’m feeling low, got a hangover, trying to kick coffee. They really are magic. What would you put in yours?