We’re very excited to bring you our first review. And we’ve got an exclusive first look at the latest bar from The Raw Chocolate Company – Salted Vanoffe Hazelnut.

First off, what is Vanoffe? Basically Vanoffe = Vanilla Toffee. It’s a name Linus made up to describe the flavour. It’s their best selling bar and a massive hit with vegans. Unlike most raw chocolate, it is light, creamy and sweet. It uses a combination of Coconut Sugar and Lucuma to give it it’s distinctive caramelly taste. This is combined with Ugandan Vanilla from the inspirational Ndali Cooperative and cold-pressed cacao butter to bring you a sumptuous clean treat.

To this winning formula they have added Halen Môn Salt – sea salt from Anglesey – and Spanish hazelnuts. The latter are hand nibbed by the Raw Chocolate Company.

The result? They’ve smashed it! It takes raw, vegan chocolate to a whole new level. Smooth, salty, caramelly deliciousness with a reassuring crunch of raw hazelnuts.

Ingedients: Virgin cacao butter, raw lucuma, hazelnuts (22%), coconut sugar, vanilla, sea salt.

Here’s the nutrition info:svh nut

It’s currently available in the 44g size for £1.99