Girls just wanna have fun? Guys do too 🙂 Let’s dive straight in, these beam shoes are fabulous!

The basics:

  • Vegan trainers that flash!
  • They have 7 different colour settings (red, blue, green, fuscia, turquoise, yellow, white/blue) or you can have them flashing and scrolling through all the colours.
  • Charge them up for 3 hours using the cable provided (charges both shoes at once, fits into standard phone charger USB or PC)
  • Gives you up to 8 hours of light

Different days I have a different favourite colour. Obviously you can have different feet different colours.

These are not just gimmicky trainers. They are actually fully functional as a trainer also. I have worn them all day at events and they are just as comfy as my pair of adidas superstar II. They brighten up everyone’s day!

I got the standard black version, so that I can go undercover when I need, they also come in white, silver, gold and they have just launched a high top version. I wore them to an interview recently (with the lights off), it was going quite well so I turned them on 🙂

Here’s the kicker though: £2 from every pair sold goes to a fantastic charity called Love Support Unite to help with their orphan projects in Malawi.

Why is this on a health blog? Because having fun is one of the healthiest things you can do. Keep light and float through the day!