vegan-raspberry-pancakesI’ll get straight to the point. This post isn’t about vegan pancakes. Well it is, but you won’t find a recipe for pancakes at the end of it.

I haven’t long run this blog and of course I’m analysing my stats and jumping on every comment like a famished traveller in the dessert (sic). So what I’ve realised is that when I post about vegan pancakes (which I have done twice now) my stats really spike – triple the number of post views and likes.

So, I thought if I was going to write a post about how to get traffic on your posts, best to use the best metric I have to date. And that is to put vegan pancakes in the title.

I’ve posted various recipes, insights, nutrition advice and even social media intel, used a whole bunch of tags and categories and posted at different times of the day. My formula seems to be, just use the title vegan pancakes and hey presto! What’s your recipe for success?

So as a test to prove or debunk the rule, let’s see how this goes.

And if you really want a vegan pancakes recipe, check here or here