I’m not a squat expert. I’m a total squat novice. I’m also not a squat snob, and it appears there are a lot of them around 🙂

What I am body weight squat illistrationis a cyclist and lover of the outdoors. I also love my body to work as well as it can. A few weeks ago I was out cycling and got severe cramp. I turned to social media for help and one of the suggestions from my very experienced triathlete pals was squats ie conditioning.

I have never done anything before outside of cycling to improve my cycling, save for protein shakes (which totally rock!). So this was going to be completely new.

Turns out there are a million different ways to do squats. If you’re starting out, don’t use additional weight immediately. What I have built up to is to grab whatever weight I can – a box full of wood, the recycling, our 16 month old, or if I want a real work out our three year old. I do reps of 15-20 squats a few times a day. And most importantly, just before and just after a ride.

Results? Yes, lots of them 🙂 So it has definitely got rid of the cramps – however I’ve also increased my hydration and focused on potassium and electrolytes generally. It’s also made me better on the hills. I always go out riding with the same bunch, and whereas up until three weeks ago I was always last up the hill, I’m now second or third.

Just going to push on for that top place now 🙂

Thanks internet and thanks squats.

I’d love to know more about squats, do you have any great tips or techniques?