I got this great pack of goodies from the good people at Tribe the other day. A mixture of energy bars and trail mix and recovery bars too. They also do mineral boosters for topping salads/ adding to wraps/ topping soups.

IMG_20160801_101844They do really interesting combinations, so far I’ve tried the Wild Apricot, Pecan and Lucuma and the Cacao and Almond bars. Both very good and enjoyed by curious little members of the family too.

Basically the bars are smooshed up dates and cashews a la Nakd, but like an executive version, that knows a bit more about nutrition. All the products come with very clearly defined calorie and carb/protein info (depending if it is an energy or recovery product).

You can do one off purchases or create a subscription plan to get regular deliveries. They are not certified organic, but many of the ingredients are. I’m guessing as they get bigger and their sourcing gets better they’ll probably shift to fully organic. Having worked in the wholefood sector for over 15 years, I know how difficult it can be to overcome all the organic hurdles.  Most of the products are vegan, the recovery bars have honey in them.

Firmly aimed at the outdoor sports market, I’ll definitely have these in my back pocket next time I go out. Plus they know about science and nutrition and stuff 😉

A bit more about their back story:

“Athletes, runners, adventurers need fuel for energy and nutrients for recovery. We believe these should come from natural foods, not synthetic chemicals. We make snacks that deliver micro and macro nutrients from real foods, giving you the carbohydrate, protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals you need to train stronger. All our snacks are free from any refined sugars, juice concentrates and sulphites.”

“Tribe was inspired by a 1,000 mile journey (called Run for Love 1000) by more than 250 people to raise funds and awareness of human trafficking (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkYaK3x02Dk). Tribe for Good supports similar charitable fundraising projects and adventures by Tribe runners.

Funds are raised as follows:

•       10p from each Tribe Pack sold goes to Tribe for Good; and

•       £1 goes to Tribe for Good for each new subscriber that joins as a result of a Tribe Referral Code given by an existing Tribe runner.

Tribe runners decide which project to support at the end of each quarter. Further information coming soon on Q3 2015 Tribe for Good Awards.”