I have suffered from this. Have you? You know when you’re eating all good and quinoa. Juices for breakfast, chia fresca mid morning, home made humous and organic cucumbers for lunch.

And then there is this voice screaming in your ear….Galaxy! Hot dogs! Prosecco! And before you know it you’ve bought it and it’s in your mouth. It’s not like a nag or an ache or vice that you have to feed occasionally. It just involuntarily happens.

Fear not, help is here. As a fellow sufferer, I have three options for you:

1: Accept it. Occasionally feed it. I don’t mean like the Butterfield Diet. Just accept and build a bit of naughty into your diet now and again. Life’s about balance after all isn’t it? It will especially happen when you are feeling low, depressed or have a shock. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

cookie-2-1170x5502: #indulgeinnocently. My good friend Pamela is making a fantastic career of making healthy versions of naughty treats. Go check her website out. By building in healthy treats that taste naughty into your diet, you are less likely to have a dietary tourette’s moment. My go to quick treat is Vanoffe Dark by The Raw Chocolate Company – tastes naughty, does good.

3: examine yourself. This is a bit more difficult. There must be some underlying reason for your slips. The slips are a symptom of something more serious. Why is it when you are down or low that you reach for naughty treats? What is your relationship with food? How do you feel about yourself? If you can work out the answers to these questions, heal the root problem, then you’ll probably not need solutions 1 and 2 again. Tough though.

Good luck, you can do it, just start by taking control 🙂