Vivolife is a great one-stop shop for soon to be all vegan products. They have also started creating their own products and have kicked off with their Perform Range of protein powders. They come in Vanilla and Cacao flavours.

The headline: 25g protein per serving.  That’s mega, and I was expecting it to be quite plant protein heavy and grassy. Quite the opposite in fact, it was light and very flavoursome.

Protein recovery is very important to me and I have my own regular formula that I use to great effect after long rides. So much so that I was so knackered after a recent ride, I forgot to have the Perform powder and just went into auto pilot making my hemp cacao smoothie.

With the Perform powder you just shake it up with water / milk of choice / coconut water. I used the latter and tried the cacao version first. It blends really quickly and easily and using only 250ml of liquid means that it is a nice short protein shot, leaving plenty of space for re-hydration as well. The resulting shake was nice and smooth and not granular like a lot of plant based powders can be.

WHAT-INSIDEIt has a base of pea protein powder, which by itself can be a bit like wall paper paste. Combined with hemp, chlorella, spirulina, turmeric, salt and cacao/vanilla this is well dealt with. A great variety of flavour and the turmeric is really exciting. Of the two, it’s no surprise that the Cacao flavour is my favourite. Importantly, it’s vegan, grain free and with no added sugar.

In summary: blends well, super high protein, well balanced and thought through, great flavour. Well done!