It’s open season for blackberry hunting! Blackberries are a superfood, and, by and large they are free. Get out to your local park or woodland and get picking.

I have to say, I did not like blackberry picking when I was a kid. Maybe I was too eager, but like mummy pig, I used end up all caught up in the brambles and come away scathed and bloody. I didn’t really enjoy the fruits of my labour, but time has healed and repaired all that.

What’s so great about blackberries? Apart from the free-factor of course 🙂

Blackberries get their brilliant colour from powerful anthocyanins, which are responsible for healthy memory function, anti-ageing and reducing the risk of certain types of cancer. A handful gives you half your daily allotment of vitamin C, which combats heart disease, strengthens the immune system and keeps your skin bright and healthy. With thirty percent (six grams) of your daily fibre intake, they aid in optimal digestion. But the greatest benefit of adding blackberries to your diet? They are rich in phenolic acids – antioxidant compounds notorious for their powerful anti-carcinogenic effects.

cropped-winter-warmer-smoothieSo what will you do with this one wild and wonderful fruit? Our kids hoover most of them straight from the bush, so not many make it home. I try to pick as many as possible and freeze them so I’ve got berries for most of the winter.
They are a great addition blended into beetroot juice for a monster boost in the morning. They’ll also end up in an apple crumble or ten 🙂